The Weekly Wrap (Fri, March 12th)

Markets at a Glance

Market Data courtesy of Yahoo Finance and

Another strong week in the equity markets as stocks were buoyed by Biden passing his $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill and UMich reporting the highest consumer sentiment since March 2020. The US treasury curve steepened led by the long end of the curve as investors unloaded treasuries. With the recent spate of good news, can the Fed really tamp down inflation expectations? All eyes on the Fed next week as they meet next Wednesday and we get an opportunity to hear straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

Good Reads

  • Two is better than one (and lets be real, the industry is littered with inefficiencies and disjointed workflows too big for any one org to deal with so bring on the partnerships!): Symphony and AccessFintech are partnering to help financial institutions streamline workflows and increase collaboration.
  • Deutsche Bank stepping up their automation game with a new tool but this time for corporate treasurers. This tool include a rules-based FX execution tool and a payment and hedge matching tool.
  • What makes a fintech startup a success (see page 33–39)? IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER AND THEIR VALUES! Let’s write it 500x a la Bart Simpson style and repeat this over and over again until the cows come home.
Amen sister!

A Moment of Reflection…

One year ago this week, our worlds were turned upside down. I remember the fear, uncertainty and the sense of impending doom as if this was a thick cloud that would forever color our sense of security. But we live to see the other side and as we spring forward this weekend, may we take that sense of renewal with us as we enter year two of the pandemic and make our way out of the darkness together.




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